At Rise to a New You, we strive to get back to a more natural way of living by offering natural bath and body products! We believe in using less chemicals and more natural! We also believe that our body has the capacity to heal itself and that is why we offer services such as: Reiki Healing, Crystal Energy Healing, Crystal Reflexology, Aromatherapy and an Infrared Sauna.


Getting back to nature to detoxify the body and jump starting its ability to self-heal is our number one priority! A holistic way of living that promotes health, relaxation and calmness.


Let’s not forget our four legged friends as they too need healing! Rise to a New You offers Reiki Healing, Crystal Energy Healing, Crystal Reflexology Healing and Aromatherapy to your beloved pet! Some natural products are also available in store!


Energy is everywhere and waiting for us to use it! Let the healings of Mother Earth sooth your needs and embrace your inner light! Welcome to your Health!

“True Healing will always begin with your thoughts. Master your thoughts and you master your life.” - April Peerless –


I graduated from Northern College with a diploma in Social Work in 1993. In 2003, I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the Université de Hearst. For five years, I worked as a Community Outreach Worker for a women’s shelter. I left Social Work to be my own boss for 10 years as a franchise owner. It was during the last year of owning that business that I became interested in energy and self-healing after I started having health issues.


I wanted a change and was not quite sure where to start. Because of my health issues, I knew that I wanted to do something that would help me get back on track. After doing some research on the Internet, I decided to start a new business in which I would sell natural bath and body products. I wanted to use fewer chemicals in my day to day life and wanted to help others do the same. I still felt there was something else I was meant to do. As a social worker, I loved helping people and I wanted to do something similar. I wanted a natural way of healing people and it is on this path that I found Reiki and Crystal Healing. My wonderful life journey as a Healer was only beginning.



Not only did I want to help people with health issues, I also wanted to help the animals. I strongly believe that our beloved pets also need energy healing. Being a pet owner, I had to deal with lots of different health issues. I wanted to find a way to help my little dog Jazz (Miniature Pinscher) and my mare Ginger (Quarter horse cross Standardbred).


I took online courses to get certified in Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing and Animal Healing. So far, I have the following certificates and certifications:

May 2016: Healing Crystals for our Animal Companions (Love and Light School of Energy Medicine)

June 2016: Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification Training (The Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development)

June 2016: Animal Healing Practitioner Program (Sacred Healing Light)

June 2016: Master/Teacher Crystal Reflexology for Animals (Aumvedas Academy)

June 2016: Master/Teacher Crystal Healing for Animals (Aumvedas Academy)

June 2016: Gemstones for Womb Healing (Love and Light School of Energy Medicine)

July 2016: Crystal Healing Certification Program (Love and Light School of Energy Medicine)

July 2016: Reiki Master (Namaste Studio)

August 2016: Crystal Therapy Certification Program (Love and Light School of Energy Medicine)

August 2016: Crystal Reiki Certification Program (Love and Light School of Energy Medicine)

November 2016: AromaTouch Technique Certification


My thirst for knowledge is ongoing. Taking classes, attending workshops and reading up on energy healing are part of my day to day life. Rise to a New You is a dream come true.

“Your hands can send Devine healing energy, simply by you holding the intention to heart.” – Doreen Virtue –
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